Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Your Credit Report

It is always wise to know where you stand with your credit score. This is not new news to anyone. (If it is, you must be from another planet... really!) You are apparently entitled to only 1 -- yes, just ONE -- free copy of your credit report annually. (Unless you happen to live in GA, where those lucky devils get 2...) ANYWAY, here is the kicker...You do not get to have your credit SCORE along with your report.

I don't know about anyone else, but this discovery has PISSED ME OFF! I am utterly outraged by this. Your credit score is of utmost importance and you have to PAY for it!!!??? OUTRAGEOUS!

OK, FINE -- so then you agree to pay for the dumb thing, but while Equifax will let you, TransUnion and Experian have no options -- that I could find -- to just get the score. Experian has a button that makes you think you will get your score for $7.95 by clicking on it. So far, this is not the case. Click, sign up for score, wait for e-mail approval, click approval link... NO SCORE! Yes, you read it correctly. They want you to sign up for 1 of 3 options that will cost you anywhere from $10 to $25 to get the score and the report -- mind you the report already exists and you have proof, but the web site says oh no you have no report, which translates to no score, which translates to we want you to buy another product before we give you the score and we're gonna throw in the scores from  the other 2 bureaus with it! EXCEPT I already HAVE THOSE! I got them from those bureaus. DUH!

You must jump through hoops with each credit bureau and sign up for expensive trial memberships that you must then remember to cancel or you will be charged out the frickin' wazooooooo every month! That is just GREAT! More shit to do in an already busy life and I don't really have time for this. Case in point: so far today, I have spent 4 hours doing this and still I am 1 credit score short of a turkey. Mind you, they are good ones, the 2 I have. BUT I went to considerable trouble to GET THREE and I want the third one DAMMIT! I have written a customer service inquiry...we'll see how long this takes.

Personally I think that they should be forced to give you your score with the free report. One report annually is fine, but without your score it is useless. If you want monthly reports, need to check all the time for some weird reason or just want to get all kinds of identity tracking programs from them -- then fine pay for them, that is great. Why is it that, if your protection from the big bad world is the information you get from the credit bureaus, you have to pay for your score? Given all the financial BS going on in the world today, this is an unacceptable game they are playing.

Bottom line: If it is really necessary to charge for the score, there should be a CLEAR and EASY link to just buy the damned score without all  the other crap. If Equifax can do it, then why can't the others?

I am royally pissed and I have a headache the size of Texas now all because of this stupid shit! I urge you to write your Congress and get this addressed. I am not into political haranguing, but I might just have to complain LOUDLY to someone official about this.

Meanwhile, I will wait and wait and wait until I get the 3rd score. I might even tell you if I got it! HAHA!

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  1. UPDATE: It took 3 more days. They still made me pay another fee of $7.95. They said I would be credited for the first charge, which was oddly, $4.95, BUT they have not so far. They only cancelled the subscription they say I signed up for. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH! So, when I get the credit card bill, I am going to be addressing the Experian people for my $4.95 they promised.