Monday, July 19, 2010

One Bitchin' Beginning

Blogging... This is new for me. I have read only a few blogs in my life. I have had no interest in blogging up to this point. My hubster recently told me that I should write a blog. Soon after, he said it again. One would have to wonder about the reason(s) he would suggest this. I have a few ideas... For the moment I will keep them to myself and giggle about them, as I have for the past few days.

The reason for this blog would have to be that I read books. LOTS AND LOTS OF BOOKS. Many varieties of books. Most recently I have read 2 books that my step-mother gave me 2 summers ago, when I was lacking reading material on a visit. I did not read them then, maybe I was not ready -- who knows. Eat, Pray, Love was the first. The Bitch in the House was the second. Both I loved and highly recommend. Many of the topics covered in these books felt like my life on someone else's paper. It was very eye opening. I read many passages to my hubster who was patient in his listening, smiled, nodded and promptly went back to doing his thing when I was done.

We'll see how long this lasts and how I feel about it as I go. I am currently keen to bitch and so I plan to. In reading the books above, I have to say that I had a profound response. I have long been familiar with my inner bitch and we have a love/hate relationship. I hope to say things that my friends will want to respond to -- positive or negative. I want to open discussions with my friends about these things, because I feel like we could all use a place to vent when we need to. Living 800 miles from home for the past 4 years, I have had no real communication with most of my friends. (Unless you count the occasional FaceBook post and some e-mails.)

I hope we girlfriends can join together, pour a glass of wine (or whatever you have handy) and share our bitches big and small.

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